Tuesday, March 11

Still knitting and crocheting

Just been really busy with work. We were bought by a larger company and so much crazy has ensued. That is finally calmed down. I have been knitting lots of stuff just not been taking pics or posting. But here is a pic of some handknit/crochet goodies that will be on its way to my mom tomorrow.

teus 002

A pair of Hedera socks and a happy froggie! The socks are made from Knit Picks essential in the color gulfstream. As per usual they were made two at a time magic loop. The froggie was crocheted using a pattern from a new book I bought which I forget the name of. The shamrock was just something I threw together after making little green hearts. I hope she likes everything.

Hehe most people just have a "mouse" on the desk, but here we get all crazy and have a mouse and two rats on our desk. This pic was taken while the rats were having their cage cleaned. They came to hang out with me while I computerated.

teus 001

Well see ya next month haha!


SJ said...

Someone (I forget who) made the comment at the last knit night that Hederas look completely different depending on what yarn is used. So true! Yours are gorgeous -- I'm sure your mom will love them!

Holly said...

I love the frog... makes me want to learn to crochet!

Cheryl said...

I love both the socks and the frog! It was good to see you today!!!

Heather said...

How absolutaly adorable is that frog!!!!! I wish I could have seen you guys this week! Maybe tomorrow night?