Tuesday, March 25

To many crafts not enough time!

Ok some one needs to sloooooow time waaaaaaaaaaay down. I have a lot of crafting to do and not nearly enough time to do it in. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other. I told my kids as punishment they are going to learn crafts and that way I might get some stuff finished around here. Hehe they said that was too cruel. So anyway I do have a finished object to show. It is my daughters Easter dress. I finished it 10:00pm Saturday night. Nothing like cutting it close. Here it is:

Easter 002

She looks crabby because she was sick. Both my kids were sick actually. They were at their dads for the weekend, and they keep the heat really high plus the smoke a lot in the house. So my kids were icky for the first part of Easter. Here is my son. He had a migraine.

Easter 003

Besides the kids being icky for the first part of the day Easter was very nice. We spent the early afternoon with my mother in law and had Easter dinner there. Then we went to see my brother and sister in law. We brought our nieces and nephew home for the night. So my kids had a great time visiting with their cousins. Next time hopefully they will have more time together though.

So now really cool bag alert. Found this "6 pack" back at a Trader Joe's grocery store. So perfect for sock knitting on the go. Check it out:

Easter 020

I have four pair of socks, notions and patterns all in there. I love it! Just grab and knit on the go.

At home right now I am knitting a new clapotis. I received a lovely yarn surprise yesterday in the mail from Teabird. I added the yarn with some of my own and am making a spring clapotis see:

Easter 019

Finally talking about lots of crafting needing to be done. This is a pile of fabric all with projects ready to go sitting waiting to be cut and sewed. I should seriously be banned from buying any more yarn or fabric!

Easter 021

LOL just a bit of fabric. Oh and the not buying yarn thing, I have a local yarn shop going out of business. Well there goes staying away from yarn!

Ok have a great day!


Yvonne said...

Wow, Donna! You're right, you need a time stretcher!!

SJ said...

If you find a way to make time go more slowly, please let me know. ;-) I'll only want to use it on the weekends, though!

Heather said...

The dress turned out great!!! Sorry I didn't come help with the zipper! I could have gotten up off my butt!

There is never enough time for all the GOOD stuff!

On the pile of fabric... OMG! Are those bottom two sheep fabrics?????

Cheryl said...

I love the fabric pile.. especially the sheepies on the bottom.

Miss you! Hope we can see you soon!

btw, I tagged you for a meme on my blog!