Thursday, May 15

You might want to sit down for this.

Seriously I am about to flash the stash. I'm warning you there is a lot. I really really should avoid all yarn stores for oh a couple of years or so. Because honestly what I am about to show is the yarn stash. Not the fabric stash, bead stash, or scrapbook stash. I really need to show some constraint. NAH LOL! Ok here goes. Description to follow each pic.

optional 012

This is the acrylic stash not to bad.

optional 010

Lace stash again not too bad.

optional 006

Sorry for the blur. Bin on left cotton, cotton blends, and knit pick palette. Bin on right wool, wool blends.

optional 008

Ok serious sock stash. I think I have enough yarn to make anywhere between 80-100 pairs! Umm somebody may have a sock yarn fetish.

optional 009

Novelty yarn stash! But before you wonder, my husband has no room to complain about my large stash. Check out his legos:

optional 013
optional 014

Yeah say it with me holy s(%t! Now you know why we had to have an extra bedroom. Believe it or not that is the guest room as well. We have a futon in there that can be folded out. Also in the room a dining room table my husband and I have to share:

optional 011

Finally a finished object:

optional 026

This is my daughters new amiguri from I made her. The cellphone is there for scale. She named the frog Javietta. It was Javier but my daughter decided he was a she hence the earing and necklace. Also my daughter insisted on a hot pink sweater with frog buttons. OK no one can ever say I don't love my kids. Now my son has a drawing of the "creature" he wants me to make for him. All I can say is my son told me "he needs to have an orange jumpsuit made for him". Oh boy stay tuned for that one.

Well hope you all enjoyed the stash flash. Until next time. Knit knit knit knit knit and knit.....


sophanne said...

I live in Waynesburg if you want to meet somewhere and I'll take some of that sock yarn off your hands! heh heh

Holly said...

OMG! I'll never feel guilty about my stash again!

Cheryl :) said...

Holy crap is right!! LOL!!!

SJ said...

Whoa! That is impressive!

I was organizing/cleaning out the stash last night, and I started thinking, "Hey, this isn't so bad!"

And then I remembered that there are two duffels of yarn still at my parents' from when we decluttered for putting our house on market.

Jenn said...

Holy crap! But you knit socks 2 at a time, so you need a lot because you go through it fast! :D

Heather said...

I knew it was big but I didn't know it was that big!

Cinders said...

THANK YOU DONNA!!!! i just showed my hubby your stash and as mines not that big he now thinks I'm relatively normal!!!!!:-)
I Must show my eldest son your hubby's lego! OMG I thought my boys were bad!!!
Hope the fibro isnt too bad-ha, ha!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog

Viknits said...

Wow!! I LOVE both the yarn stash AND the lego stash! I had tonnes of lego as a kid! I now have not-quite-tonnes of yarn as an adult :D