Saturday, August 9

Life's been good to me.......

and keeping me very very busy! I know it has been forever and ever since I posted. It is all good though. I found a job I absolutely love and works well for me. It has just been very hectic and time consuming lately. My job's main office is located in Margate FL. I had the opportunity to go to that office in July. It was awesome. I learned a lot which is the main reason for going. Everyone was so nice and it was great to finally put faces to the voices! I spent a week there. The office is about 10 miles from the ocean! Yes I had a chance to go. I went about 7:30 in the evening, so it was very nice not hot. So that was great, but took me away from home for a week. Since then is has been busy busy busy. We moved to a new office. Yay much nicer than the old. So I have been working on getting things set up in the new office. Plus we hired a new agent, that I trained. Now we are looking for two new agents. Blah I don't like doing interviews. So hopefully in a week I will be doing another training class. Things are finally coming together with the hiring and new office though so it should not be so hectic.

My family keeps me busy too. My daughter decided to dye her hair blue! I pick my battles, and dying hair is not permanent so why not. My son driving me crazy with his ADHD. My husband putting up with me as usual.

I still knit really I do! Just not as much as before. Maybe I'll manage another post this week with pics! So all in all life's been good to me!

Flying into Ft. Lauderdale.

My kids are getting so big.


SJ said...

She'll grow out of the hair-dyeing phase, trust me. I think everyone goes through it. And now I'm at the point where I don't want to dye my hair but I'm going gray. Oh well!

natasha said...

donna, i think you know the truth...some of us don't grow out of it and i say that to include you!:) one of my pet peeves is when people dye their hair a color that looks awful with their complexion, that color really suits her. i used to dye my hair more crazy colors, and stopped out of sheer laziness, but i miss it. i did it well into my 30's and will probably do it again.

btw, you looked so great today! i never would have known that you had a rough patch. you looked gorgeous! what a lucky don!

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