Sunday, April 9

Another Saturday NIght............

Yay a big THANK YOU goes out to Betsy for having us knitters over to her house last night. She was a wonderful hostess. I brought my kids with me, and they had a great time. They spent most of the night playing video games and eating. Betsy and Leslie made some very yummy food for us to eat. It was a smaller than usual gathering because Jillz and Cheryl could not make it. We missed you guys. I had a great time as usual.

Speaking of knitting, my sockapaloooza socks are not doing so well. I have had the first one finished, and all was well with it. I had the second one started, but it was not so well. I know I made a couple of mistakes on it last night. Today I looked at it and counted three mistakes! Aarrgghh! I frogged the whole thing and started over. This time I will take more care to get the pattern right. Plus I should learn not to knit pattern socks and try to carry on a conversation. My "Easter socks" are coming along nicely. I have the first one past the heel and gussett decreases. I don't know that they will be worn on Easter though. I think I want a dress to wear for Easter, and I am thinking I will make one. That will definately cut into knitting time. Plus I have some sock knitting bags I want to make for my friends. So much to do.

Finally, I am super happy because my hubby will be home today. I know he has only been gone since Friday, but I missed him a bunch. Not much else going on here. I am making lunch for the kids and I. After that I am going to go walking and then maybe some more knitting.

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Heather said...

Hope the reknit on the socks went better!!!!