Saturday, April 8

Ratty Pi!

Here is a picture of Pandora checking out the ratty pi. It was really hard to get a good picture because of the cage, and also the rats are very interested in the camera and want to get right up to it whenever I take a pic.

Donna craft personal photos 607

I don't know how much they will really use the ratty pi bed, but oh well it was fun to make. I think I may make some more felted bowls soon. My socks are zooming right along. I have a pair called my Easter socks, and the first one is already past the heel turn and into the gusset decreases. I really have to work on my second sockapaloooza sock later though. I am happy, because tonight is a knitting get together with my friends. Right now I am baking cupcakes, and they smell goooooood! After they come out of the oven, I need to eat lunch and then go walking before getting the kids and I ready to go. My kids are super excited to be going with me tonight. They are looking forward to meeting Betsy's son Brian. Plus they get to play video games! Tomorrow is going to be a straighten up the house day. Not really dirty, just a bit messy. My hubby will be home tomorrrow afternoon. Yay! I miss his when he goes away. I don't know what I would do if he were to be deployed. Be miserable the whole time I suppose. Well enough yappin. Gotta go surfin for my hubby's b-day gift. His b-day is in 11 days. Same day as my son's!

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Cheryl said...

do they play in the bed or have they torn it apart and eaten it??