Thursday, May 4

I got sockies!

Yay my sockapaloooza socks came in the mail today. Check it out:

Donna craft personal photos 702

Don't mind my icky legs. I love my sockies. Just what I wanted short colorful sockies. These are my very first Koigu KPPPM socks. They fit so nice. Plus check out the other goodies my pal (Jennifer) sent. 2 packs of stickers, a lantern moon bag, and LEGOS! Thank You Sock pal I love the package.

In other news, please send good thoughts my way. My son has been home sick three days and will be home tomorrow with a cold/flu. The docor gave him antibiotics and cough medicine. I need the good thoughts so I don't get sick as tomorrow my friends and I leave for Maryland Sheep and Wool. Ok, now I am off to prance I mean walk around the house in my new sockies!


jennifer said...

I am so glad you like you socks! :)

Emma said...

Socks are great!

Lucy said...

I love that yarn...what is it and what does the name of the sock stand for...remember I'm a newby to sock knitting.

Cheryl said...

They are beautiful... I haven't gotten mine yet! :(