Wednesday, August 23

Icky Sicky again

Blah I feel like poo poo again today. I am so sick of being sick but I am not really sick! Confused? Yeah me too. I have been to the Dr and tested for everything and they find nothing! So now the assumption (sp) is I have Fibromyalgia. It is not a disease, it is a condition. I am not crazy, I really have symptoms and feel sick but there is nothing wrong! Ack ok enough whining today. At least my kids understand and are being excellent today. My daughter made my coffee and my son made french toast for him and I. It was his second time making it. Very good. He was excited to be cooking.

As far as knitting goes I have not been working on convertible. I love lace want to make lace, but it seems to take forever! I have been working on two pair of socks though. One is a simple anklet made with mountain colors bearfoot in wild woman. I may put a ruffle around the ankle just for the heck of it. The other socks will take a while. They are the stockings from Handknit Holidays. Over the knee stockings with a lace detail running down the back of the leg. They are coming along very nicely. I may look like a dork wearing them, but what the heck I look like a dork most of the time anyway! I am using the new knit picks needles for both pairs of socks. One size 0 and one size 3. I LOVE THEM!!!! I want to buy more knit picks needles. I think they are awesome. Plus have you seen the new sock yarn gloss? OMG loverly! I ordered the purple and it is just beautiful. If you love purple you must buy this yarn. Nice now I sound like an ad for knit picks. Maybe they could pay me in yarn to promote them? Even with out pay I will promote them because for the most part I have been very happy with everything I order. Ok I am rambling. I must go now and knit!


Jenn said...

SJ has some Gloss and she let me pinch it (heh, I can't resist pinching yarn...) and it is lovely!

Hope you are feeling better soon, fibromyalgia sounds like nasty business!

Lucy said...

I've heard of fibromyalgia....hope you feel better soon. As for the knit pick needles....everyone seems to be raving about them!

Cheryl said...

MMM...purple.....need to go see it...

talk to Martha about the FM...she will be able to give you info.

Hope to see you SAT...I haven't talked to the hub yet.

SJ said...

I do indeed have some Gloss, I'm using it for my shawl. It's delightful. Really soft and smooth -- so much so that I picked up some Lorna's Laces after working with the Gloss for a while, and the Lorna's actually felt really rough in comparison!

Sorry to hear you're feeling so ick. Hope it improves!

DDancer said...

Fibromyalgia hits people in different ways and what helps one person can actually make another person worse off.

First off, stop drinking diet soda. Most people I know who suffer from FM feel at least some relief when they go off the (&^(*&^(&^ Nutrasweet.

Find a good Chiropractor (I have a phenomenal one) who understands how to help FM.

Consider finding a good massage therapist (Again, mine is great and makes house calls, though you might be a bit far away) if you can afford it (Some insurances cover massage)

Read everything you can, but recognize that literally what works for one person can hurt another. So mega doses of the Vitamin du Jour might or might not help. Do consider taking a good quality Multi-vitamin, extra calcium, and extra B vitamins.

Take things slow, but don't just stop. Try to get an exercise program in place on a daily or every other day basis, it'll help in the long run.

Try to eat better, less fast food, drink more water (Yeah, water, not tea/soda/coffee/etc). {This I am really bad at.}

Consider going on an anti-depressant. For me, Trazadone works very well, most of the year. It helps me sleep more than anything.

Most importantly, realize that you will have good days and bad. Right now I'm having a really bad one. I chalk it up to the damn weather front stalled over us and some unresolved stress.

Hope this helps. Feel free to chat me up any time you need help.


Donna said...

Thanks Martha! I am feeling icky again today. For the first suggestion, I don't drink diet anyway so that is good. I HATE artificial sweeteners. As for the rest of the suggestions I am working on it. :)