Friday, August 25

Much Better!

Thank you everyone for your comments in the last post. I was icky sicky again yesterday. Today I feel better. Right now I just have the joint pain in my legs. Hopefully it will calm down in time for shopping later. Today is the first day of the JoAnns three day sale. Simplicity patterns are on sale for $1 each!!! Woo hoo! I have two picked out I want to buy. Plus I am gonna check out what else is on sale. Hopefully it will be a productive calm shopping trip. I have to take the children with me today. I am bribing them though. I told them if they were well behaved we would go to the stored they want and go out to dinner. Spoiled they are as we just went to dinner last night. But yesterday was haircut day for the guys, and we always go to eat on haircut day.

So even though I have been icky, I have been knitting. Want to see? Of course you do! This is a knitting blog after all!

This and That 211

This is my ankle sock made with bearfoot from mountain colors. It is in the color wildwoman. I knit these on size 0 needles, so they are very nice and warm. I will cast on for the second one today or tomorrow.

This and That 210

This is my over the knee stockings. You can see the "seam" running down the back of the leg. I am really happy with these so far and hope to finish them soon.

You may have noticed there is no picture of convertible. I am bad with lace. I have not been working on it. I am so addicted to making socks, it is all I want to do. Sigh but it is knitting and I am enjoying myself so who cares! Finally a crappy picture to look at:

This and That 209

If you look close you can see my pet rats playing in my purse and yarn basket. They are so (nosy) inquizitive about everything. My husband took this picture, and the camera batteries died so that is why the pic is only so so. Have a good one y'all!


Lucy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. So many blogs I've read, everyone is sick...hope you can't catch anything through a blog!

natasha said...

you know how to sew? hmmmm....there may be some nice handpainted sock yarn in your future if you feel like teaching someone...