Tuesday, August 22

I'm Here

Been a busy weekend. Had a family reunion and then some company come to stay. It was fun but tiring.

Ok first off I was tagged by Cheryl for this Meme:


Accent: western pa with a touch of southern usa

Booze: occasionally

Chore I hate: washing windows

Dogs/Cats: nope two pet rats

Essential Electronics: Washer and Dryer

Favorite Perfume: don't really have a favorite, right now I am really liking Lovely

Gold/Silver: prefere white gold or silver

Hometown: North Washington PA

Insomnia: every sigle friggin night. Thank goodness for Ambien CR

Job Title: Homemaker which covers everything from mom to event planner to house cleaner

Kids: Two my favorite daughter and my favorite son

Living arrangements: Married with two kids.

Most admired trait: mine? kindness

Number of Sexual Partners: nope none of anyones business

Overnight Hospital stays: two for delivery of my children

Phobia: Spiders spiders spiders

Qoute: "Now I know I have a heart because it's breaking" Tin Man in Wizard of Oz

Religion: not spoken of in polite circles

Siblings: One younger brother

Time I usually wake up: hmm whenever can be as early as 6:oo or as late as 11:30

Unusual Talent: I can make the cartilege in my nose crackle

Vegatable I refuse to eat: Beets

Worst Habit: Forgetfulness

X-Rays: Have had a few, but never a broken bone

Yummy food I make: meatloaf, meatballs, and Chocolate Eclair

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Ok now that is complete. Still knitting along on convertible. Seems to be taking forever. Started a sock did not like it so I ripped it. Restarted it as a plain ankle sock and love it now. Also have started over the knee stockings which I am loving. Not much else. I will leave you with a photo of how to survive the family reunion:

2006 reunion 089

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