Wednesday, November 29

Home again Home again jiggity jig!

Yay! We are back home safe and sound. Our trip was wonderful. Just a few minor snags. I hope to have pictures to post in the next couple of days. We got to do just about everything we wanted. We went to the zoo, Legoland, a yarn shop, the ocean, and the biggest Target ever. Seriously the Target was two floors!!!! So cool. Plus we saw a Wal-Mart which at the time was the most wonderful thing I ever saw (I was sick and got a visit from aunt flow!). I knitted. I hope to have a pic of some finished knitting soon too. Plus when we got back home there were two packages for me. One from knit picks and one from Blue Moon Fibers!!!! Yay!!! Well later. Gotta go recover some more.

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