Tuesday, November 21

Still here

I'm still here. Just busy. Saturday was knit night here. Good time with great friends. The guests were: Yvonne, her kids, Heather, Jenn, Cheryl, Leslie, Betsy, and Jill. Here is the only pic of all of us. We were spread out and this the best pic my husband got.

This and that 316

The kids had fun. They were playing some kind of game. Not really sure what, but it involved dress up clothes and play weapons. This is my daughter and Yvonne's son.

This and that 323

It was a great night with lots of yummy food. There was a birthday cake for Yvonne and I. Her birthday was the 15th and mine is this Thursday the 23! I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends to knit with.

Sunday my kids and I went shopping at the mall. We were buying Christmas presents for my husband. Other than that the kids and I straightened up the house and just relaxed all day. Yesterday my husband was off of work, so him and I hung out and then did some shopping for Thanksgiving stuff. Today I did some knitting I need to get done and went to Wal-Mart again for more stuff. Yes I do think I personally keep our Wal-Mart in the black. Speaking of knitting, here is a pic of what I have been working on.

This and that 324

Some one needs to stop me! I am soooo addicted to making potatoe chip scarves! I am on my third one in less than a week. The green one is a birthday gift for my sister in law Kim. Her birthday is the 28th. The pink one is for just because for my niece. Pink and fluffy. I think she'll like it. The purple one on the needles is for me. I was looking through my stash the other day and found this yarn. It was a gift last year from my Pittsburgh Secret Pal. Plus I am still working on my son's magic scarf. That is what he calls it. Take a look.

This and that 325

This was a really good shot. Shows the aliens really well. I am trying to finish up projects because Friday we leave for vacation. We are flying to San Diego CA! I am really excited because I have never been before. The main reason for our trip is Legoland, but I think we are going to go to the zoo too. My kids are excited. This is their 3rd time flying, but they were too little to remember the first. The 2nd time they flew was to Las Vegas. I hope my kids know how lucky they are.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday. We are all ready. It is just going to be the four of us. We are having a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies, rolls, and pumpkin pie! We were going to have a cake and pie since it will be my birthday, but really we are leaving the day after and don't really need extra desserts. Well this is a pretty long post. If I don't post again before Thursday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


gray la gran said...

i LOVE the alien scarf! i made one a few years ago, and wear it every winter :)
i'd like to try some more shadow knitting projects.

Lucy said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun!!!The colors in that scarf are so cool!