Monday, February 12

Fiberfest Fun!

Yay! The Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival was great. I took my daughter and met up with Betsy, Cheryl, and Sandie. I also saw SJ, Jenn, Jenn's friend Dana, and a few others I recognized enough to say hello to. My daughter and I had a great time except my daughter was very very upset we did not bring a bunny home. Now she wants a bunny for her birthday. I told her we already have pets and are not getting any more right now. I know ya wanna see some yarn right? I tried not to go way crazy at the festival. I tried to stay with purchases of items I could not readily get here. So here is what I got.

Donna craft personal photos 038

From my favorite booth at the festival. Interlacements tiny toes beaded scarf kit. My daughter really wanted me to buy the kit. Plus I am not sure what the other yarn is called, only that it is 100% wool, was a show special, and told me that it wanted to come home with me and be a Lady Eleanor wrap. I really just wanted to move into the interlacements booth. Such lovely lovely yarn.

Donna craft personal photos 037

From Autumn House Farms some sock yarn in a color called Hattie's Zinnias. Some jitterbug I said I was not going to get because the yardage for the price was a little high. I just could not leave it there though. I just loved the colors.

Donna craft personal photos 036

In the front some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in brights. I have never knit with this, but have been wanting to for a while. I also had an order of yarn from Diva Knits arrive at my house while at the festival. Three balls of Opal Rain forest in the colors: frog, caterpillar, and snake. Hiding under the yarn balls is some roving my daughter really had to have called party in a bag. She wants to learn drop spindle. Heather we will be calling you for lessons!

Donna craft personal photos 035

The other yarn from Diva Knitting, some Catalina 70%baby alpaca/30% silk. Hanging from the TV because isn't that where everyone keeps there yarn? Seriously though my daughter and I were winding yarn Saturday night, but my swift has a horrible squeak so we did not wind this yarn yet. Must wax the swift!

The above mentioned items made possible by my totally awesome wonderful husband who works so hard and does not mind my fiber obsession.

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