Wednesday, February 14


Now lets see what would be a good picture for Valentines day?..........I know, a heart!

Donna craft personal photos 042

heh heh! This is the heart pillow from Vogue Knit 1's love edition. I finished this afternoon just in time for Valentines day. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease and the needles were size 8 knit pick options. This heart is soon going to be on its way to my parents house. They will enjoy it. I plan to make more of these in the future, but with different yarn and smaller needles. I am hoping to make one close to "real" size. How cool would that be? So how is the weather in your area? Ours is cruddy. Snow, ice, freezing rain, uugghh. The kids have been home for the past two days and so far on a delay for tomorrow. My husband went to work today and found out the office was closed, so he came home. I like winter and snow, but I just wish the roads were OK for driving. My Valentines day was very nice. My husband stopped on the way home to buy me a long stem red rose, and that was not all. I also received a pair of ruby earrings from him. What a sweetheart. My daughter gave me her yellow stuffed sheep. Also I ordered a gift for my husband Sunday, and it arrived today! Yay great timing. If your curious, it is a digital picture frame for his desk at work. Other than that, I spent the day knitting and baking a chocolate cake. Mmmmmm! OK couple more knitting pics. The first are the socks I am working on for my dad. The second is the socks for me. And the third is my rose. Have a great Valentines Day!

Donna craft personal photos 043
Donna craft personal photos 044
Donna craft personal photos 045


Lucy said...

THAT HEART IS PRECIOUS!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl :) said...

Love the heart!! and the socks!!
I saw the cutest John Deere buttons on a sweater at the Yarn Fest on Saturday...