Wednesday, February 21

I see London I see France.......

....I knit a pair of underpants!! OK everyone sing! hehe check these out:

Donna craft personal photos 046

This is the pattern in the current Interweave Knits for the knitted thong. Nope I did not knit these to wear them. Number 1 they are not my size and number 2 ewww a piece of crochet yarn up the butt and eeewww and reason number 3 the yarn is 70% alpaca. Really I knit these just to understand and see how they were constructed. I think knitted lingerie and underthings could be a good idea. I knit socks so that I can fit them to me perfectly so why not other things? The thong was a quick knit. I made it today in between laundry and housework. The yarn is some left over knit picks shimmer I had in the stash. I don't even know if I am close to gauge because I was knitting them just for fun and to see how they were constructed. OK here is another finished object for you to view:

Donna craft personal photos 047

These are my newest socks for me. I finished them last night. They are Trekking, toe up, short row heel, size 0 knit picks circs, magic loop, two at a time. Just a generic sock. Plain stockinette and then 1X1 ribbing. I finished the cast off at the top of the cuffs to give them ease and so they can be rolled down into cute ankle socks. When I was ready to cast off, I knit in the front and back of every stitch for one row, did two rows of purl stitches, and then cast off in knit. These are very comfy socks. OK that's all I got today.

PS Yes the underpants are hanging from a hanger on the wreath hanger of my front door. And yes I did take them down after the photo.


Emma said...

Hee! Pretty thong.

Jenn said...

Aww, I was hoping that you would bring your alpaca thong to knitting last night, but Betsy said you weren't feeling well. Hope you're feeling better today!

Lucy said...

I know where you live...there should be snow on those thongs!!!! BRRRRRR!