Wednesday, February 28

More Pictures

I think my post from yesterday was pretty boring. Now I'm not promising today's will be any more exciting, but I do have pictures!

This first pic is of a secret item I am knitting for my son. Not secret to him, just to blog world. Secret because it is a rather unique and interesting item and I think I will try to write out the pattern and maybe submit it to an online knit mag. Take a look:

Donna craft personal photos 060

This next picture is my current socks in progress. They are After Bertha from Socks, socks, socks. They will be for my mom. I forget what the yarn is. My mom likes shorter socks, so I think I may have enough of this yarn to make a pair for her and a pair for me. Yay!

Donna craft personal photos 061

Finally, do ya ever get the feeling you are being watched? The rats were giving us sad rat eyes tonight while we were eating dinner. The had that "we are so deprived and starved look" tonight. That is complete crap. They are soooo spoiled. Anyway I finally got up and got them some dry pasta to eat so they would quit staring at us. Some nights they just totally ignore us while we eat and other days are like today. This picture shows where their cage is in relation to the dinner table.

Donna craft personal photos 059

Look in the back ground, and you can see their cage. Well I guess that is all for today. Oh yeah just wanted to say thanks to Cheryl and Betsy. We had lunch together and it was fun and just what I needed after being icky the past few days.


Jenn said...

Awww, poor rats, they are all "why do you haaaate us?" I'm glad our hamster doesn't beg. The dog is a different story.

SJ said...

Well now I'm dying to know what the mystery project is! If you do decide to write up the pattern and need a test knitter, let me know!