Tuesday, March 6

Thumbless In Pennsylvania

He he take a look to see what I mean by the post title:

Donna craft personal photos 063

This has been whats on the needles for the past couple of days. The red items are the fetching fingerless mittens. All they need is the thumbs. The rest of the red yarn will be used to make a neck warmer. It will have the cute little mouse buttons on in. I think the yarn is by Catalina. I know it is a silk baby alpaca mix. The green mittens are for my sis in law. The pattern is from the book Not Just Socks. She asked me to make her mittens and said she did not care what color. Since her favorite color is green I used this Knit Picks parade yarn from the stash. Just need thumbs on them too. I don't think my sis in law is very worried about her mittens right now though. Her husband (my hubby's brother) has been serving in Iraq, but is coming home tomorrow for a two week leave! Yay we are all excited to get to see him. Check out her myspace page to see her, her husband, and their kids. I can't wait because Sunday my family and I are going to a Soldier Salute fopr my husbands unit, and them we will be driving up to see the in laws! Yay.

Here are a couple of pics to show I have passed on the crafty gene to my kids. Unfortunately not the knitting one. My daughter loves oragami. All the time making things. On my knitting stand, I have a monkey, a bird, a ladybug, a bunny, and the basket for the bunny. This picture is an oragami cup with pencils. The other pic is my son's home-ec project. He made a horse. Very cute!

Donna craft personal photos 064

Donna craft personal photos 065

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