Thursday, March 8

All done!

I have some knitting pics to share today. Finished objects. First forgive me because I need to rant a bit. I have been feeling really cruddy again. Mostly just tired and achy. I am really sick of getting sooooo worn out from soooo little. Today for example I carried one basket of laundry and pushed one cart of laundry to the laundry room and sorted them. I have four loads. After carrying sorting and starting a load I am totally wiped out. I just want to crawl on the couch and veg. Really pisses me off, because I feel really guilty that I can not get anything done it seems. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I have been hemming and hawing for a long time about going to a support group. It might be nice to meet other people who feel the way I do and understand this feeling of "I am such a slacker I can't get anything accomplished". I just don't know though. I am trying to be more proactive about my health though. I am doing super on making sure I take my meds every day on time. I am making and keeping DR appointments. I have one in April in fact. I see a GP and so I think they are going to tell me I need to see a specialist again. A ruemetologist. I had one before, but he left. I really did not feel he helped me much. I am going to really try to "go out of the box" and look for anything that can help. So anyway in the spirit of trying to take better care of me I have switched to diet soda. I LOVE Pepsi, need Pepsi. It is sooo much empty calories though. Do ya all realize how much diet soda sucks? I am doing diet wild cherry Pepsi which tastes pretty good cept for the aftertaste. This brings me to something that really ticked me off the other night. My husband was going to the store and I asked him to bring me Oreos. Mmmmm love Oreos. He brought them home and he and I ate a few. I thought hmm these don't quite taste the same there is something wrong here. I looked at the packaging for any thing new. Still the same package. I thought it was just me, but my husband said no something is different. So we read the list of ingredients. It seems they have taken away the trans fats! AACCKK GGGRRR! Really ticked me off. I don't buy cookies because I expect them to be healthy and good for me. I am the most pissed that I don't have a choice. Why oh why does the man, big brother, government, whoever think they have to make these choices for me? I am getting really sick of this BS. Why do they do this? I don't know but my theory would be people who whine and carry on that this or that is doing this or that to them. Grow up and grow a brain. Everything that happens to you is not someone elses fault. You should be intelligent enough to understand that there are consequences for all actions. For example if you eat lots of oreos you will get fat. Grow up and realize that "hey maybe I should be responsible for myself and make some healthier choices. Now I do not particularly want to live without junk food, but I do know I can not eat it all the time and expect not to get fat. It all boils down to personal choices and taking that responsibility on yourself and not expecting someone to do it for you!

Ok I'm done I think. Hehe! Sorry but I just had to get that out and my husband does not need me whining and ranting to him every day. I try to be pleasant and cheerful to him since he spends all day working and just wants to relax when he comes home. So now finally on to the knitting! I have some finished objects to show:

Donna craft personal photos 066

Yep. Since I had made the thong, I decided to make the bra too. I used the pattern from Interweave knits, but modified it. Mine has ribbon straps and buttons on the back. As with the thong I did not use the specified yarn and was concerned with gauge. If I had to guess I would say this bra is a 36 B. I'm not sure though because there is no way it would fit my boobs!

Donna craft personal photos 067

My sis in laws mittens finished. I will give them to her Sunday. She is uber excited today. She is on her way right now to pick her husband up from the airport! He is on two week leave from Iraq.

Donna craft personal photos 068

My fetching mitts all finished and the neck warmer thingie I made. I just need to get two more buttons for the neck warmer. I will get those at Jo Anns. This yarn is sooooo soft. silk/baby alpaca. Size 5 knit picks needles for mitts and neck warmer. The neck warmer is done in seed stitch.

Donna craft personal photos 069

The secret son project. Still no work has been done on this other than pulling out the navy wool I will need. This is all the colors in the project. I am just bored with it. I am working on the mmm lets say appendages. BORING! Hopefully maybe I will feel the need to get moving on this.

Donna craft personal photos 070

Last but not least Chops holding the baby sock blocker with its new sock. The yarn is Autumn House farms, color is Hattie's Zinnias, size 0 knit picks magic loop, toe up. That is my husbands leg they are posing in front of. The army pj pants were made special for my husband by my mom as a Christmas gift. Pretty nifty huh?

Ok well I see this post is way long so I will end for now. Hopefully tomorrow I can post a pic of my sons new curtains. It involves a pillow case and sheet all cut up and sewed. I just can not get a good pic during the day. Bye all.


Jenn said...

I started drinking diet soft drinks last year, they were awful at first, nasty aftertaste, but I've gotten used to it now. I used to drink A LOT of Pepsi, but now if I drink regular, I get kind of sick feeling.

I'm thinking that a 36 B might cover ONE of my boobs. Maybe. It's pretty!

DDancer said...

Just to let you know, many, if not most, people who have Fibro find that diet drinks with Aspartame in them AGGRAVATE the FM a lot. So you should probably just cut out the soda altogether. It's better for you anyway.

I also have FM, if you ever want to talk.

Donna said...

wah wah that is a huge problem for me. I don't smoke and drink very little. Soda was my addiction. I guess I might just have to give it up. Anyone know of a 12 step program for soda addicts? hehe