Friday, April 20

Afternoon Delight.....NOT!

Don't know if anyone actually reads this here blog, but I will ramble on anyway. Wednnesday was a very bad day for me. I had a major breakdown. I am sick of being sick and my self esteem has left all together. I just broke down and cried and cried and cried. Let me tell you I am not a pretty cryer. I looked horrible. My eyelids hurt for 24 hours. I also managed to give myself a migrain which really helped. I did still go knitting Wednesday night trying to just be normal and continue on. I hope I did not say or do anything stupid. I don't really remember a lot. I do know I thought I was going to not make it home because my head hurt so bad. I did make it home though. Absolutely exhausted. I slep in until 9:30 yesterday. I would have slept longer but my husband was home and had me get up and eat. I felt like poo most of the day. To make things even more wonderful my period started. Woo Hoo cramps! Yesterday was also my husband and son's birthdays so I was kinda mad at myself for not feeling better. They had a good day. My husband made the cake. He used the Better Crocker cake inside a cake pans and made a yellow cake with chocolate fudge ice cream in it. Plus chocolate frosting. Yummy. I thought I was getting better as the day went on, but nope another migrain. Uugghh. All night I felt weird and icky. My husband got me some meds about 2 in the moring. I did get up at 7 this morning with my kids. No headache for now and I feel a bit better. Just really really tired. I think I will go outside later. The mysterious orange ball is back in the sky. Maybe I just need some sun therapy. My husband is working just half a day today. But he then leaves and won't be home until maybe tomorrow night. Blah I hate when he is away. So ok enough of this depressing crap. If you do read this blog and are still here, thank you. Now for some pictures.

This is a pic of my new "baby"

Donna craft personal photos 113

I love her! She is an 07 Chrysler Town and Country. I loved my concord I traded in, but she was getting old and falling apart. She already had blown a motor, busted her compressor for the AC, was getting a jumpy transmission, losing her spring, and started making a horrible screeching noise when you pushed the unlock button. I owned a caravan before the Concord, and now that I have a new one I realize how much I missed it. Our new caravan has the stow and go seating. Awesome. I could hide my kids in the stow and go compartments! Plus all power doors. I love that I don't have to open the lift gate manually. So much better on my body. Ok enough about the new caravan. How about a pic of some new socks I am knitting:

Donna craft personal photos 110

These socks will be for a co worker of my husbands. I had to buy this yarn the other day, because I did not have anything in my stash!!! Haha!! I asked my husband what colors his co worker liked. He said I don't know, but she wears a lot of black. I think this yarn fits the bill. Speaking of sock yarn stash. Here are a couple stash pics. This is only the yarn in the living room! Yeah there is enough for 10 pair of socks in the living room!

Donna craft personal photos 112
Donna craft personal photos 111

Finally here is a pic of my son waking up the other day. I still can not believe he turned 14 yesterday!

Donna craft personal photos 109

Hehe pictures like that are why the children run when my husband and I have the camera! Ok well I better get some stuff done around here. When I am having a bad time I get obsessive about making things neat and organized. Have a good one!


SJ said...

Sorry you've been feeling so awful. I hope the sunshine and warm temps this weekend will help!

Jenn said...

Well crap, I thought you just looked like you were sick, I didn't know you felt so terrible! :( I hope you can get outside this weekend. Did the birthday boy like his hedgehog?

Heather said...

I am giving you a big hug when I see you today! Like I wouldn't anyways... but it sucks that you were so down!!!

Nice new vehicle!

Beautiful yarn colors!

I'm back :-)