Sunday, April 15

First off a couple of pictures today. The first picture is my nephew Karter who lives in GA. I have not met him yet. I just received new pics of him today. In this one he is using the blanket I knit for him. The second pic is one my daughter took of her Bratz. All text after that pic is her blogging as my guest blogger.


Donna craft personal photos 108

Today was a relaxed kind of day. We got a new car. Its a Town and Country,dark blue, and its stow n go. Its got lots of buttons. Its about as big as the concord. Its also a new 2007.
Karter apparently likes his new blanket my mom made him. he looks so cute with it. I cant wait to see him. We're going to GA. this summer to see my grandma and pappy,ant Kim,uncle Mike, and cousin Karter. While we're down there we are going to see Stone Mountain. At Stone Mountain they have laser light shows. Stone Mountain is a very beautiful place.
The pic of my Bratz is they're at a dance party.Whats funny about Bratz is you dont change there shoes, you change they're feet. the shoes are attached to the feet. I guess they took the saying "you'd lose your feet if they weren't attached to your ankles"seriously,LOL! when you take there "feet'' off all you see at the end of there legs are pegs.Bratz have so many clothes some of them don't even stay on. Well I hope you had fun reading this blog today,remember to keep on blogging!

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