Friday, April 13

FO Socks and a Guest

I finished knitting the felted hedgehog for my son's birthday last night. Now I just need to felt it. All in all I thought this was a very quick and easy knit. Very clear instructions. The only part I thought was a teeny bit rough was knitting the fuzz for his back. Holding 1 strand of wool and 1 strand of novelty yarn not so tough, but the novelty yarn has no stretch at all so a bit rough with all the short rows. I can not wait to felt this guy which is going to be named Firebe by my son. My son plans to use Firebe as a little pillow, cause he is turning 14 (YIKES!) and does not want to have a stuffed animal, just a pillow. Hehe! Here is two pics of the finished Firedbe. As SJ noted in the comments the other day it looks like he has boobs. I am not sure why. I followed the pattern exactly as far as I know. I plan to fix the boobs when I felt him.

Donna craft personal photos 105
Donna craft personal photos 106

Here is a close up shot of my current WIP socks. I was trying to show the pattern. I'm not sure I succeeded.

Donna craft personal photos 104

And one last photo for today. This one is for Jenn. A picture of some of my daughter's Ugly, slutty bratz dolls. Uugghh! I think they were all dressed in the photo. Last weekend my daughter went to her dad's and came home with two more of these ugly things.

Donna craft personal photos 107

I am not sure but I think my daughter has about 20-30 of these dolls. I am not real keen on them, but I guess as long as I remind my daughter she is never ever gonna dress like the dolls it's ok. Plus she does not like Barbie any more at all. Speaking of my daughter she is going to be a guest blogger on here this weekend. Lately she has been all about mommy and me time. I think it will be very interesting and insightful to see what she has to say. So until next time, buh-bye!

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Jenn said...

AAAAGGGHHHH! Holy crap, look at the heels on that one in the front! I didn't even know you could dress them, the one that was temporarily in our possession had molded on clothes.

I can't wait to see what the hedgehog looks like when he's felted!