Wednesday, April 11

Not So Crabby

It is amazing how marshmallow peeps and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs can make some of the crabbies go away! Not so amazing is how fast they cling to my hips. Sigh it's Easter candy though and I have to eat it before it goes stale right? Also finished, almost finished, and socks make the crabbies go away too!

I finished the baby booties Monday night. I like the bright colors. Very cute.

Donna craft personal photos 100

Almost finished is the Fiber Trends felted hedgehog. My son wanted one for his birthday which is next week on Thursday. So yesterday I thought I better get started so I can get it done in time. Hah no worries here. This pattern works up really fast. The body, head, arms, and legs are all knit as one piece. You then pick up stitches to add the paw pads, and finally pick up stitches all the way around the back and knit his fur. I only have a bit of the back left to do, then into the washer. By the way, my son picked these colors.

Donna craft personal photos 101

Socks! What could be more fun than knitting socks? Knitting socks from the yarn my husband dyed! Woo hoo! I love the colors. I think the pattern might be getting lost, but it's OK I like it and I am going to keep it.

Donna craft personal photos 102

My knitting was starting to stress me again, so I reevaluated yesterday. I put a couple of in progress things away for awhile. Someday I will finish them. Plus I cast on for the above socks because socks are my favorite things to knit. After I finish the hedgehog, I am going to start on a pair of knucks for my sis in law. I am really trying to keep WIP down to a minimum. Gives me less stress. I just feel like I am getting behind and will never get anything done. Thing is the only project with a deadline is the hedgehog. Everything else can be done whenever. I do have some sewing I want to finish by the 4Th of May, but it's OK if I don't.

Okay something icky that may be TMI. I tend to get ulcers in my mouth a lot. Annoying as hell. Usually when I notice one I can expect a week or so to get better. Couple of the days hurt like ^%$#, but they finally go away. Well I have one that just is not getting better. I think the problem is the ulcer is located between my gum and cheek and my denture is rubbing on it. Yep I have an upper denture. Never know it to look at me. Anyway I never ever go without my denture. Nope no way no how. I take it out clean it and put it right back in. The past couple of nights I have been sleeping without it though to try and heal the ulcer. Still not getting better. So now I have to keep the denture out all the time unless I am eating. I hate this. I look stupid and sound stupid. Of course the kids think it is funny. OK like I said maybe TMI. One final thought for today: Why the #%$) do "they" feel the need to take my junk food and make it healthier for me? My pringles yesterday, NO TRANS FATS! Uugghh!


SJ said...

Adorable booties! Do they have a recipient, or are they just going in the long-term planning box?

Also, I just have to ask -- is the hedgehog a female? Because, you know, it kind of looks like it has boobs. Just sayin'.

Jenn said...

My doctor said that calcium can help prevent ulcers, if that's any help. They really do suck, don't they?

The hedgehog is super cute, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done!