Monday, April 9

Tired and Crabby

What a title huh? Well it's true I am tired and crabby today. I do have a couple of pics though. First off I was a winner in the first contest over at the Rockin Sock Club. I received my prize on Friday. It is a skein of the yarn I named. Lightweight Socks That Rock color Lunasea.

Donna craft personal photos 099

This next picture shows some finished socks. I finally took a picture of my first Rockin Sock Club socks. They are the inside/out in Monsoon. I changed mine a bit from the pattern as I was not fond of the cables. I just continued the ribbing up the sock and made a garter stitch ruffle to match the heel and toe. Nice and comfy. They are medium weight so they work well for house socks but not in the shoe socks. The other socks are Austerman Step socks I finished last night for my husband. Very nice to work with. He said he likes them, they are comfy. I took the picture right before this post. My husband is off from work today so yeah we are sitting around in our PJ's!

Donna craft personal photos 098

Our Easter was very nice. Spent the day visiting family. Well that is all for today. I'm going to go be crabby some more.


SJ said...

The socks look great!

Did you take a picture of your Lunasea in the hank, by any chance? It's beautiful wound, but I'm wondering what it looked like before.

Emma said...

Aww, don't be crabby! That yarn is gorgeous. Go pet it--you'll feel better!

Cheryl said...

Aww that lunasea is gorgeous!
I was crabby yesterday too.
I love the little crabby looking guy on the edge of your hubby's pjs!! LOL!!