Monday, April 2

Meeting Crafty Blog People In Real Life!

Yay! Today I got to meet and hang out with Natasha! I had a great time. I went to her house to help teach her to sew. I got to meet the cats and see her studio. Plus she sent me home with cool stuff! Wanna see?

Donna craft personal photos 089

Yarn she dyed, naked yarn, dyes for yarn, and yarn samples. It is on the back of the couch so everyone (my family) could see it as soon as they came in the door. I also borrowed a couple of books about dyeing. I dyed yarn yesterday with my husbands help.

Donna craft personal photos 087

The newly dyed yarn hanging in the laundry room. I love the colors. Very bright and pretty.

Donna craft personal photos 088

No pictures of the dying in process, but a pic of the kitchen where it took place. So when am I going to knit the new yarn? Well maybe after I finish all this:

Donna craft personal photos 090

Can anyone say ADD? Hehe! Sorry for the crappy post. I am tired and I have a headache. Just wanted to post a few pics and say I had lots of fun today.


Cheryl said...

I love the stuff you dyed. It looks fantastic! What's it gonna be when it grows up???

Glad you had fun at natasha's!!

Heather said...

Your yarn turned out great! dying is fun... and addictive!

Yvonne said...

OMG you're as bad as I am!!

Jen said...

Your dyed yarn is beautiful! I just bought some nekkid sock yarn from KnitPicks and I am looking forward to dyeing it at some point this summer. Seeing your yarn makes me even more excited to dye my own!